New Energy Efficient Wall System is a Game Changer – Cresco Concrete Products, LLC

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC announces the introduction of the new Liteblok? Jumbo. Liteblok? is a precision molded, interlocking, mortarless building block allowing for the rapid construction of inexpensive walls. Liteblok? is made from lightweight cellular concrete and is composed of sand, cement and a network of tiny, discrete air pockets. Liteblok? is a form; the holes within the blocks enclose a structure of steel reinforced concrete columns and beams.

The 5? thick, 10? tall by 20? wide (nominal dimensions) Jumbo joins three existing block sizes: Standard (5? thick by 5? tall by 10?wide), Tall (5? thick by 10? tall by 10? wide) and Grande (8? thick by 8? tall by 16? wide).

All blocks offer the following features:

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