25 thoughts on “Container Homes”

  1. not impressive, too much money for a SINGLE container home, not even double
    wide, or double long, even the three bedroom is just a single 40′x8′x8′
    source: their website.

  2. aint this something,….homeless people have used these for homes for many
    many many years…..tis is NO NEW idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ocean shipping containers for sale! I can supply one or 1,000,000! CALL
    Call now 7 am to 8 pm 7 day’s a week! These are used walk in containers
    heavy duty steel wind and water tight! Prices for 8×8.6” 10 feet $CALL
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    &(8×9.6”) 53 feet long $call & NEW ft20,40,45,53& High R insulation 20 ft
    used freezer $ 3,600 not working or running with{ 5 years warranty $6,000}
    & not running 40 ft freezer hi cube $4.100 & freezer 40 ft running$7,000
    with { 5 year warranty } All modifications , Paint any collar ,Lock boxes,
    Doors steel or wood, Roll up Doors, Cargo Doors, vents , shelving ,
    Windows. Security Bars, Lighting, Electrical all, Office Modifications,
    Modifications of living Houses, High R insulation foam Call for container
    delivery prices all USA county’s (424) 205-8338 Ask for MR. BILLY pioneer
    ocean containers inc. email or Tex 

  4. These are overpriced. A container home can be built at least 1200 sq ft and
    outfitted with better furnishings for about $75,000. That is the price for
    their one bedroom home. Also their homes are as expensive as convention
    homes but are smaller than conventional homes.

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