Natural Disasters and Home Invasions Overwhelm the United States in 2013 Sparking Discussion for the Imminent Need of Tornado Shelters and Safe Room Shelters

Tyler, Texas (PRWEB) December 09, 2013

This year there have been countless tornadoes that have overwhelmed the entire United States. Most recently, a rare tornado struck the Midwest in November and devastated cities throughout Illinois and Indiana. Home invasions have also been on the rise in recent years. While 2013 crime statistics have yet to be released, in 2012 it was reported by the official FBI website ( that the number of violent crimes reported by law enforcement around the United States increased by 1.2 percent. The states in the western region of the United States experienced the largest crime increase, up by 3.3 percent. It is more critical than ever to provide protection for the American family. A safe room shelter in a home or business can provide protection for an individual, family, or a group of employees from death or injury in case of a tragic storm or home invasion. As storms become even more erratic and unpredictable and crime rates continue to increase, it is important to have a safe place in a home or place of business that will provide shelter in case an unimaginable situation occurs. There is rarely any warning when a mass threat occurs which is why it is always important to think ahead. Big Texas Containers & Shelters is now delivering tornado shelters and safe rooms nationwide to all 50 states.

When it comes to tornado shelters and safe rooms there is no better option than Big Texas Containers & Shelters. Each safe room provides safety, security and peace of mind during unstable times. The world has become increasingly dangerous with threats of terror, home invasion, and crime more prevalent than ever. Devastating tornados have also been more predominant than ever, and in many cases causing mass death when they strike. A modular tornado shelter safe room offers the utmost security to any individual, business or family. The modular design gives an individual the ability to install their shelter in virtually any hard to access space including: walk-in closets, basements, bedrooms, carports, or in a garage. There?s no need to tear down walls or re-construct. Any safe room shelter can also be lined for gun and ammunition storage, and can also be used to securely store a gun collection while having quick access via a high-quality deadbolt-style lock. Each safe room is made from 7 gauge hardened steel, and can be lined with bullet-resistant armor in addition to the vault-style door for maximum protection. These safe rooms can save lives during a natural disaster or a home invasion, and the shelters have been impact tested to withstand the common flying debris from an EF5 tornado.

Big Texas Containers is located in Tyler Texas and has strong markets in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Lake Charles Louisiana and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Installation is available, but the modular design makes it so that virtually anyone can install a safe room shelter on their own with the help of a couple of friends to help cary the heavy steel panels. The Texas business also ships nationwide.

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