20 thoughts on “Awesome Houses Made from Shipping Containers”

  1. Who in hell are the troglodytes who dislike this visual/textual/musical
    delight of how to recycle by re-USE, not chop-up, scrap, ship, remelt,
    repour, re-manufacture, re-ship type of “recycling” (expensive), that most
    people don’t think about. Now if only our corruption laden politicians and
    construction unions and repressive legislation here encouraged this, We’d
    be SO better off. I’m only allowed to store in them… JD, Montreal

  2. I suggested this to my mom and she said omg this is so stupid, only
    refugees live in containers and its so hit inside -_-,, Jesus how much i
    hate how the people in my country think

  3. Son feísimas, no me gustaría vivir en una caja metálica. Tal vez se podrían
    utilizar para talleres, locales o trasteros. No es buena idea, es pésima,
    de mal gusto. ;-)

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