25 thoughts on “Designer Builds Home Out Of Shipping Containers – Hatteberg’s People TV”

  1. Please marry me Debbie….or at least share all the details about your incredible home. That bathroom sinktop is gorgeous! Pricey I am sure. Are you gonna spill the beans about total cost maybe, or just what it cost to buy and set the five containers in place?

  2. Thanks for the video. Yes assuming the 5 containers is each x 40ft, but the news reporter said the house is 2000 square foot, therefore each container must have been unbelievable 400 square foot each which there’s no such thing. Unless of course the news reporter got it wrong and therefore she actually used 5 x 40ft containers in which case her house is only 200 square foot not 2000 square foot. I’m already confused, don’t know about you ? but that’s a really small house at 200 square foot !!

  3. Look at my Shipping Container Home project, It was an amazing but tough experience!
    Serch: “The Daniel Alvarez Adventure” Hope you uys like it!

  4. a lot of shipping containers is very sturdy and and have great insulation built in, cos they ship fresh produce, meats and such. i imagine she uses that.

  5. Excellent video Design Ideas from HGTV.COM … as always.

    If you get some time come visit me at blindsmax and check out our great home design videos.

  6. @ hollywoodhennelly. She never said that she was the first. It is still a seldom seen building/construction style.

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