How to Insulate your Storage Container Home

How to insulate your Storage Container Home-

No doubt that you can save big bucks by using storage containers for a home or other.  In fact you help the environmental by being green by re purposing those storage containers.

One of the problems for the novice week end warrior is how to attached things such as insulation, drywall, electrical and other stuff like that.  The truth is, it is not much different from any other type of construction.

Storage Container Home- Insulation

There is two types of insulation I would recommend.  The first being a 1″ foil backed insulation board.  You can use an adhesive like liquid nails to apply it directly to the steel walls of the storage container.

This works extremely well.  After the board is applied to the container wall and is secured and dried you would ad furring to the face of the foam board.  What this does is create an air space between the foam board insulation and the back side of your finish wall material.

storage container home insulation

The second type of insulation I would recommend is liquid foam.  The thickness of the foam will be regulated by the thickness of your furring.  Using this method you first apply furring to the storage container walls via the liquid adhesive.  After the furring has had time to set up you would apply the foam.  Don’t forget that the foam expands so be sure to leave plenty of room.

storage container home insulation

 Storage Container Home- Ventilation

A consideration when you insulate your storage container home is ventilation. You will need to have a means to have fresh air into your container home.  With most conventional homes this is accomplished with windows or with the ac system. You will need to have 1cf of fresh air for every 100 s/f of floor space. (check your local code).

The tighter your Storage Container Home is from the elements the more crucial it is to have the ventilation.  Next time we will learn how to ad an opening to your Storage Container Home.