12 thoughts on “Shipping container house”

  1. @shiesty90 Aah, the middle.. I had a simple mock up except with a 3rd
    container center across the top of the two with the roof angled front to
    back. All the open space from the roof covering the second level, framed
    and closed off opening up the first floor (high ceilings). With a Hay bale

  2. 2 containers with a large interior with steel girders between the 2
    shipping containers that reinforce the floor. A queen size bed is only 5′
    wide. Internal Dimensions of a shipping container are: Length: 39′ 1″
    Width: 7′ 6″ Height: 7′ 8″

  3. @shiesty90 It’ll have to be located in a milder climate and the owner will
    need a bigger bank role. But it’s definitely doable.

  4. @azis1100 Thanks Azis1100, I’m really not sure but I can get 2 used 40ft
    shipping containers for 4k. I dream about building one but I don’t have
    that much expertise in building. I’m sure I could do it and do it cheap.
    With today’s housing market so low it might not be worth it, but to me it
    would be because it is different, strong, earthquake proof and it uses old
    containers that would otherwise be sitting on some dock because we import
    everything and hardly export anything.

  5. Respond to this video…That sounds cool also. Yeah I have designed about
    50 different models but in reality the building codes are to strict in the
    US for most of them but they would be stronger than 99% of the typical
    houses. I would love to build a whole community of shipping container
    houses if I could. I looked into Supertherm to coat the outside for
    insulation also. What do you think?

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