6 thoughts on “Prefabricated Shipping Container Homes Amazing Report”

  1. HM, seen it, not sure they thought too much of insulation, but it is
    interesting concept, a firm in UK has been doing similar stuff for year

  2. I’m getting a divorce and that witch is taking everything. So instead of
    doing what most dissed dads do and get a shitty apartment I’m looking to
    building a shipping container home. It suits my style and the project
    itself will take my mind off losing half my shit I worked for for the
    passed 20 years. Looking for land to buy first with a bit of privacy. 

  3. i can stick build a good home the same size for $50 a sq ft..What’s so hot
    about paying $100 a sq ft for a container again??

  4. Intelligent re-usage of material provides ample economic advantages as the
    material has already been pre- refined. Low cost housing on mass scale can
    and will reverse the overall negative repercussions we have all felt as a
    result of the sub-prime bubble burst. With this we can have lo cost prime
    housing instead! 

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