25 thoughts on “Shipping container family home: building blocks in Redwoods”

  1. Great video, nice home built out of shipping containers. Cannot believe all the negative comments on here.

  2. Alot of jelous haters in this world.I think you did a great job i just love that out side shower idea and also the skylight through the center is beautiful.would you ever consider emailing me the plans you went off? I live in australia so urs still will be the only one in the states plus i wouod change a few containers around to suite the different landscape over here but would be a great base to start from.

  3. You’re assuming things kid…. I can easily buy a bunch of crates (if you even give a shit, send me a PM and ill send you a video of all my cash with your name on a $100 bill). TINYHOMES are much more efficient, easier to build, and much cheaper. THat is my obvious point, get a clue

  4. $20,000 isn’t much money for a home. Maybe you should have done something with yourself & then you’d have had the cash.

  5. Great idea and all, but you guys clearly have extra funds…. you can easily build a cheaper house with wood. Those containers cost thousands of dollars in good clean condition and thats if youre near a port area to locate them and stuff. The ones under 1000 bucks are way too crapped out to even work with. Unless you get lucky, good luck building that building for under $20,000… its nice and awesome but its just basically a rich mans DIY building

  6. I cannot speak to these containers but, If you use refrigerated containers, they are super insulated and the interior is food grade. None of the toxins you speak of. 

  7. these are THE MOST sturdy building materials you can find. If it does move something, you move it back, dust it off and carry on!

  8. This is the best Container Home tour I’ve ever seen! Thank you for posting! Great design in the greatest setting I can imagine!

  9. What about real oak camo pattern? It would be practically invisible unless you saw one of the actual windows…

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