Shipping Container Homes – Adding Windows and Doors

shipping container homeShipping Container Homes – Adding Windows and Doors

is really not all that difficult.  I think what intimidates people is the fact they are working with steel.  I to was intimidate of working with steel coming form a carpenter back ground.  After I began working with steel more and more I found I actually like it better.

The main thing with working with shipping container homes and its steel exterior is you have to measure twice before you make a cut. The second thing you have to consider is what kind of interior trim are you going to use.

Choosing the correct type of windows and doors for Shipping Container Homes

When you start your search for your doors and windows be sure to only look for “flanged or finned” type. Look for the ones with fixed flanges or fins.  The other type is flanges and fines that you have to install in a grove in the window or door frame.  The reason I don’t care for this type is they need an extra step that we don’t have to ensure they don’t leak.

shipping container homes window door installation

 Shipping Container Homes Window and Door Framing

The type of framing you use will largely be dictated by your furring size. If you are using 2×4 pt for your furring, this is what you will use for your windows and door frames.  The only difference is how you are will attach the frame to the container.  I always use liquid nails and caulking.

The hole size will be 1/8″ larger than the door or window its self (not the flange/ fin). The door and window will be installed from the out side.  I generally use again, liquid nails and caulking for the install.  I never use screws unless it is absolutely necessary.  Some time the exterior of the container gets ripples and makes it necessary.

The frame of course will be installed from the inside on the shipping container.  The frame size will be dictated by the type of interior your shipping container home will have.  You need to plan out if you want the interior trim to die into the window or fit snug between the window and the wood frame.

shipping container home window door frame

Shipping Container Home Window and Door installation Exterior Flashing (optional)

If you are going to install an exterior trim around the openings it would be a good idea to ad flashing around the fins of the doors and windows.  Most flashing now days are the peel and stick type.  I tell you I like this a lot better than the old metal  ”Z” flashing.  The biggest advantage is it just sticks.  It neve made since to me to have to penetrate flashing with screws or nails.  To me that is just another place that water can find a place in.

shipping container homes window and door flashing

There are other ways to install windows and doors into your shipping container home but these are the ways that have worked for me.  I you have any question on how Shipping Container Homes Windows and Doors installation just shoot me an email.