Shipping Container Homes- Doomsday Preppers

Shipping Container Homes – Doomsday Preppers

There is a lot of talk these day about the supposedly Apocalypse that is going to take place December 21, 2012. God I hope not!  Cause I ain’t ready! I guess the biggest reason is because I have heard this all to many times before.  Heck, about 20 years ago the Jehovah Witness’s were visiting regularly trying to scare the pants off of me and my family.  The bible as I read it says no one will know the end of times.  Sure we will see signs but that it.

Shipping Container Homes – Doomsday Preppers – Shelter

Ok now that is out of the way lets get to the reason of the article.  I was thinking, if I am wrong about the end of days, what is the quickest way I could thing of to make a disaster proof shelter for me and my family.  Yep you guest it.  Since this website is a bought shipping container homes, it would be a shipping container! Shipping containers are ready available and are easy to transport and set up.  Heck, shipping container homes are even becoming very stylish!  Up at the top of this page is a prime example of a spacish shipping container home.  It is a two story with a huge amount of open area for cross ventilation.  It looks nice too.

Shipping Container Homes – Doomsday Preppers- Shelter made easy

The biggest advantage of choosing a shipping container for my doomsday shelter is because it is self contained and I can place it in a side of a hill or bury it in the ground with little trouble. shipping container doomsday shelterWhen using a shipping container home in the soil you do have to take precautions.  The number one is the possibility of crushing in the roof or sides of the shipping container when covering it with the soil.  You can greatly reduce the risk of this by adding the soil in lifts.  Never place more that 2ft at a time.   By doing so the soil has time to compact with out crushing the sides of the shipping container. Adding soil to the top of the sunken shipping container is a little different.  It is better if you ad a sub roof to the container by placing 6″ steel insulated panels.  There are two types of these panels.  There is a utility grade an a structural grade.  Use the structural grade.  Because Shipping containers are usually 9′ in width you may be able to find “cut offs” at a discount rate.

Shipping Container Home – Doomsday Preppers – Shelter- Water Proofing

The next step is water proofing the shipping container home.  I found that rolling on a thick coat of roofing asphalt works really well.  I like this method because it works and is the lest expensive way that I know of. If you have money, and want to spend it since you won’t need it, Ryno Guard truck bed spray is a great choice.  It hardens and pretty much is indestructible. You can get this stuff at most hardware stores these days. Conclusion to my Doomsday Shelter. If I had to have shelter in a hurry I definitively would consider a Shipping Container as a home.  There cheap, Ready and there are plenty of them.  So if you have a bad feeling about December 21, 2012 consider a shipping container and act now.  You may be glad yo did! See ya on the other side.