25 thoughts on “Shipping Container Homes for Sale”

  1. very nice but I agree with previous comments u need windows and more
    breathing room miminize storage for a more minimalist look and feel, make
    bed foldable make cupboards so they lock ok im kidding locks probably to be
    installed later heheheh :D …. I couldn’t stretch my arms if I wanted to
    shower moisture from comments below is another important factor …don
    wanna suffocate´╗┐

  2. Wondering how you deal with shower moisture. Also hope those exterior doors
    lock back, to prevent being trapped inside by people from outside. Must
    agree with others’ observation, it seems like half a living space unless
    the idea is to cover basic functions — bathroom, sleeping, cooking and
    spend rest of waking time outside. Nice concept for specific situations

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  4. Neither. That’s why my bedroom is on the first floor. Easy escape. Isn’t it
    illegal to have only one exit point anyway?

  5. @PHANTOMSLAYER7 Steel is a lot stronger then wood. I can’t imagine these
    would be a problem since they are so strong and fire resistant.

  6. I think it needs Windows for Light & ER get out. Also I think the Bathroom/
    Shower should b at the Direct end w- a Sm Window for Ventalation as well. I
    like Sm but this freaks me out it’s so Sm. Nice idea tho :)

  7. Soon I will have the money to build a container home, but it is going to be
    much bigger. At least 6 containers, with maybe a 10′ or 20′ in the mix.
    Plan to use solar lighting via fiber optics (pool lighting ind already does
    using electric, I plan directing light from ext. lenses to int. lenses. DC
    aux pwr via sol. panels, ind. batteries. Water hting via solar panels, help
    with space htng. all to be modular, a’c use new hitachi system, a/c only
    where using, same with heat. Suggestions welcome.

  8. This begs the question: How much does it cost per container? I’d like to
    buy 6: 3 for the basement, 3 for the first floor. (One of them will be the

  9. 1. Loved that they kept the swing doors. This model seems to be
    post-construction mobile from location to location if need be… also a
    good way to protect the front door/window during severe storm of if you’re
    away for an extended period of time. 2. Poor interior floor plan taking up
    too much of the precious space. Fold those beds up! 3. Separate shower?
    Turn the whole room into a wet room! Look to the Japanese for examples.

  10. @TheGreenfrog140 I’m not sure how much it will cost you to ship it there
    right now but we sell them for $15,000 dollars here in Australia? Regards.

  11. i think it might help if the beds folded flat when not in use so that there
    was more walking room. Also i think a lot of times shelving is
    unnecessarily wide. often times people have a lot of depth when they really
    only use whats right in the front row. there could be collapsible counter
    and shelving as well as a collapsible desk. i tend to agree that the
    furniture placed in this unit is a bit bulky.

  12. nice… start the tiling at the front so any offcut tiles will not be seen
    at the back as its hiden under storage etc.

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