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shipping containers for saleShipping Containers for sale:

Before attempting to purchase a shipping container do your home work.  You need to be perfectly clear on your wants and your needs.  Like all things for sale you can get a “rose” or a “lemon” so again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Shipping Containers for Sale – New verses Used

This is a decisions you will have to consider when purchasing your shipping container.  In reality you can purchase a good used shipping container for 1/3 of what retail might be on a new shipping container.  One of the advantages of using a shipping container for a home or residence is the fact that most shipping containers are used for “dry” storage.  That means all of the content of the shipping container must remain dry in all weather conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you have the container parked on your lot in Miami or if it is on the high seas the shipping container should remain “dry”!

Grading the Shipping Container for Sale

Shipping containers are graded just like perishable items you would find in a grocery store. The following is  how the shipping containers are graded and what makes the grades.

Grades of shipping containers are “A” through “E” with “A” being the best and “E” being anything but.

A) New Built, CSC plated, ISO standard, wind and water tight.

B) Used containers, CSC Plated, ISO standard, Some minor denting and rust Suitabke for shipping or storage, Wind and water tight.

C) Used containers, CSC Plated. ISO Standard, Surface rust and general wear tear more evident.Wind and water tight, Suitable for shipping and storage.

D) Used containers,ISO Standard, Surface rust and general wear tear more evident.Wind and water tight, Suitable for shipping and storage.

E) Used Container, Heavy wear and tear evident. May be holed but secure for storage items not effected by weather or for temporary boundaries.

Shipping Containers for Sale

In conclusion you can purchase just about any Shipping Container online from any place because there are so many to chose from and they are so easy to deliver.  So now it is up to you.  What are your needs and new verses used.  When looking for that shipping container for sale, please consider our friends at Olympia. Shipping Containers for Sale


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