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Big Texas Containers Prepares For Upcoming Winter Season with Storage Containers and Safe Rooms

Tyler, Texas (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

Big Texas Containers & Shelters is the premier Texas born business that offers portable storage containers, tornado shelters, and safe rooms for below average market prices. With established markets all over the state of Texas, the company is now shipping nationwide. Providing shipping containers, tornado shelters and safe rooms, Big Texas Containers values each customer’s safety and security. Each safe room is made from 7 gauge hardened steel, and can be lined with bullet-resistant armor and a vault-style door for maximum protection. These safe rooms can save lives during a natural disaster or a home invasion, which can devastate an entire family. Containers are also built to the highest of standards and can be adapted to fit any individual need.

As the heart of the fall and winter season approach, it is more important than ever to think ahead when ordering a shipping container or a safe room. “The shipping containers are really important for this upcoming season because of the potential for rain and snow,” said Jason Umbower, owner of Big Texas Containers. Since no one can predict severe weather patterns, it’s important to be prepared. “For anyone who has anything that needs to be protected from harsh weather, a container is the ideal method for storing goods. These containers are used all over the world to store valuables and tangible goods. It’s definitely better than a wood shed or any other kind of storage unit.”

Umbower and his team understand the importance of having a dependable shipping container. The company, based in Tyler Texas, ships nationally and provides the utmost quality and care. Each container offers the best protection from punitive weather conditions. They are wind and watertight and offer durable goods maximum protection from the elements. Big Texas Containers also offers customization to suit an individual’s needs. Customizations can include; interior lighting, watertight air vents, window insulation, and the use of electricity in each container.

In addition, when it comes to safe rooms and personal shelters, there is no better option than Big Texas Containers. What makes the company unique is that each safe room can be built to any length. Since its modular, the Big Texas Containers team is usually able to install a safe room in virtually any room or walk-in closet without tearing down walls or using a crane. The versatility allows for safe rooms to be a practical solution to any American family. People also have the option of making their safe room into a gun safe, using one of the best dead bolts in the industry. The safe rooms can also store private gun collections and be modified to fit any distinctive desire. It is possible to feel safe despite any space or financial limitation, since safe rooms are cost-effective.

Now is the time to invest in a storage container or a safe room shelter and it’s vital to plan ahead. “We normally deliver within 3 business days,” said Umbower. “However, since it’s a really hot time for containers, and inventory can be limited, it’s important get purchases in early.” Big Texas Containers has established markets in Dallas TX, Houston TX, Austin TX, San Antonio TX, Tyler TX, Lubbock TX, Midland TX, El Paso Texas and delivers to all other areas within the State of Texas.

To learn more information about storage containers, tornado shelters, and safe rooms log on to: http://www.BigTexasContainers.com or call (800) 261-1917.

Big Texas Containers Offers Shipping Containers & Tornado Shelter Safe Rooms at Bargain Prices for the Upcoming Winter Season

Tyler, TX (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Big Texas Containers is the premier destination for Storage Containers, Tornado Shelters, and Safe Rooms. With years of experience as experts in the field, Big Texas Containers is now providing the highest quality containers and shelters at prices that are far less than their competition. Their team offers nationwide shipping as well as an average delivery time of 3 business days throughout the Great State of Texas.

The modular tornado shelters and safe rooms can save lives during a natural disaster or home invasion. Safe rooms are made from 7-gauge hardened steel, can be lined with bullet resistant armor, and come equipped with a vault style door for maximum protection. Each safe room is 100% customizable, to suit any unique individual need. Professional installation is available for all safe rooms, but it is so easy that you can do it yourself! The modular design also means that there is no need for any invasive construction to install a safe room. These rooms can be installed in virtually any space, and many people elect to use them as storage for guns and personal heirlooms.

With the seasons changing and the cold weather quickly approaching, now is also the best time to think about any upcoming storage needs. Big Texas Containers & Shelters offers good used and new shipping containers that can protect goods and valuables from wind, snow, and heavy rain. Insulation can be added to keep your contents from freezing in the winter time or melting in the summer.

Customization of containers often includes: interior lighting, window insulation, and even additional lock boxes for added security. All good used containers are wind and watertight and provide better protection than any wood shed, semi-truck box trailer or portable building. With the cold season quickly approaching, it is important to be prepared and have the best storage containers that can withstand the most torrential downpours. Premium used 20′ standard cube, 40′ standard cube, 40′ high cube, 45′ high cube and 53′ high cube containers are available for immediate shipment. In addition the team also sells 1-trip (new) containers and almost all other sizes can be purchased by special request. Even hard to find sizes can be obtained; if you dream of it then the dedicated staff will likely make it a reality. Big Texas Containers is located in the heart of East Texas; Tyler, Tx. Big Texas Containers & Shelters has established markets in Dallas Tx (214) 814-1888, Houston Tx (281) 809-6070, Austin Tx (512) 535-4225, San Antonio Tx, Alvin Tx, Bayou Vista Tx (713) 955-2500, Brownsville Tx, McAllen Tx and El Paso Tx.